To the Examiner, 25/02/14

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Paddy McEvoy, Author and Teacher

Letter to the Examiner, February, 2014


As the heat rises in the Scottish Referendum debate, and the lights dim, doubts are being cast on the very essence of the Better Together campaign, on its leadership, on its very slogan. England is flip-flopping between: 'Let them go let them tarry'; 'When all the wells run dry, m'dear' and 'For Auld Lang Syne'.

Might it not be possible to arrange a formula by which Scotland experiments with 10 years of independence, minus the subvention? The same might be tried in the case of Northern Ireland. Let them both arrange their own affairs minus the grant from London. In the case of N Ireland, the withdrawal of the subvention would have the effect of bringing both extremes to their senses: the Loyalists and their endless posturing, and the republicans and their scary, half-baked economics.

In Scotland's case, the people would have a 'suck-it-and-see' interlude, rather than committing themselves to a daft sundering.

In the meantime, perhaps a New Union for These Islands, can be drafted, (including Ireland in some role?), which would hammer out a sustainable modus vivendi for the future, free from dependencies of all kinds, federated, devo-max for all parties, with an English parliament free from the glowerings of the Celtic Fringe, and the tumourous tranche of Scottish Labour MPs, which can get on with the running of England?


Paddy McEvoy

February 25th, 2014