Humanist Catechism 5

Paddy McEvoy, Author and Teacher

Paddy McEvoy has spent a lifetime travelling, observing, learning and teaching. He writes with authority and conviction on the today's world and the issues raised by modern existence. In this work - the fifth book in a series of seven – he draws upon an intuitive understanding of spiritual and religious matters and a deep knowledge of history, to pose, and answer, a series of crucial questions. Writing in a deliberately provocative style, he covers the key issues underpinning human beliefs from a humanist perspective.
The catechism format comprises 50 interrogations and responses, illustrated from a wide-range of religious and secular literature and humanist writings. Designed to inspire ‘young minds’, the purpose of the “Catechism” series is to challenge old, time-worn conclusions about the important issues that concern the young adult – indeed every adult – in the 21st Century.
The style is lively and refreshingly down to earth, and he does not shy away from arriving at often controversial conclusions. The points he makes are lavishly embroidered with tales, anecdotes and observations from a lifetime of reading.
This book will challenge the reader’s views on a whole range of moral, spiritual, social and historical issues. Agree or disagree - and the reader will do both - Paddy McEvoy's forthrightness will stimulate thought and discussion and inspire inquiring minds to undertake further research into the areas covered by the author.
As in the other books in this series, the author develops his humanist perspectives on moral and social issues by avoiding a thematic and organised approach. Each of the books is in a 'lucky dip' format. In Volume 5, for example, adjacent sections deal with racial and gender quotas, the power of faith, child-centred education and individuality. This lively approach stimulates and develops flexible thought and the book is never dull.Taken together, the volumes in this series comprise a highly eclectic, dynamic and thoroughly engaging survey of the key spiritual, social and moral mores that underpin modern western society.
Prepare to be entertained, informed and challenged in a book that will often take you a long way from what you used to think was your comfort zone!