The Tipperary Barracks 2

Paddy McEvoy, Author and Teacher

The boat train passed
Pat Maher's field
Fill the ship, to England yield
Another crop for Camden Town
Drown your tears in Cricklewood Crown.

‚ÄčThen back for Christmas
Back for summer
Back for love: feelings numb........were
Drawn between
Two destinies
Reciting inimical litanies.

Mass at seven
At the 'Union'
Gleeson glum late and soon. Yon
Love ideal
Bruised and battered
Bread upon the waters scattered.

Many a tussle
To be seen
On the spot we called The Green
Hurley shattered
Rule disputed
The vanquished, trailing homeward, muted.

‚ÄčOne summer evening
Corncrake pleading
Mowing machine thro' dense sward gliding
Dick Ryan's foot -
Exposed cutter
Steel thro' flesh like knife thro' butter.

tip sq

Saint and sinner
Door to door
Which was which? We were never sure
Street angel: house devil
Which was which?
Who was on the level?

Aches and pains to
The Dispensary
'Sparkie' O'Sullivan hearing plea
Of anguished mother
Seeking blessing
Nurse Murphy poised with balm and dressing.

On summer evening
Gardeners laboured
In neat allotment, by rich tilth favoured
By Josie Crowe's
Skittles rattled
As Henry Brown for supremacy battled.

Where Military Might
Was once on view
The modern age yields purpose new
Instead of Reveille
Last Post blared
The 'clash-of-the-ash' can now be heard.

From thirty-six
There remain sixteen
A new estate can now be seen
Risen from the ashes
Of the old
Ghosts still linger................... tales untold.

Heard of the Somme
From old Jack Glenn
Tears shed over a million men
Broken, mangled,
Caked in mud
'Twas a long, long way to Delville Wood.

Some stayed near
Some strayed far
Pursuing grail or wandering star
Spreading the Gospel
Or a different word
By hunger, by love, and ambition spurred