Paddy McEvoy, Author and Teacher



As well as having been a teacher for over 40 years, in England and Northern Ireland, the author has had experience of a wide cross-section of employments, including: agricultural labourer; factory work (asbestos, chemicals, mosaics, abattoir); merchant-seaman; trawler-man (Iceland); building labourer; bus-conductor; Securicor officer; musician; store-keeper; fruit-picker; amateur archaeologist (Israel); bar-work, among others........ which provided much food for thought......... He was born and reared in the One, True, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, but prodigally strayed.

‘Educated’ by the Christian Brothers, he read Social Sciences at University College Dublin, (self- financed), where he got a glimpse into the innards of the workings of the Irish Establishment, but wasn’t much taken by what he saw.

He would describe himself as, while having softened his ties with class, nationality, ethnicity and tribe, to have strengthened and intensified his anchorages with humanity in general, which is the guiding principle of his writings.