Humanist Catechism 6

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Paddy McEvoy, Author and Teacher


Paddy McEvoy has spent a lifetime travelling, observing, learning and teaching. In this work - the sixth book in a series of seven – he continues to draw upon an intuitive understanding of spiritual and religious matters, deeply-held moral convictions and a wide knowledge of history, to pose, and answer, a series of crucial questions.
In his inimitable, deliberately provocative, style, he covers the key issues underpinning human beliefs from a humanist perspective.
The catechism format comprises 50 interrogations and responses, illustrated from a wide-range of religious literature and secular writings. The breadth of Paddy McEvoy’s knowledge is truly extensive and he has the happy facility of drawing down examples from ancient and modern, local and world-wide.
Designed to inspire ‘young minds’, the purpose of the “Catechism” series is to challenge old, time-worn conclusions about the important issues that concern the young adult – indeed every adult – in the 21st Century.
His style is lively and refreshingly down to earth, and he clearly enjoys arriving at often controversial conclusions. The points he makes are lavishly embroidered with tales, anecdotes and observations collected over a lifetime in Ireland and the wider world.
This book will challenge the reader’s views on a whole range of moral, spiritual, social and historical issues. Agree or disagree, ( and you will do both!) this Humanist “Catechism” will stimulate thought and discussion and inspire inquiring minds to undertake further research, and enquire more deeply into the areas covered by the author.
In this volume, Paddy McEvoy continues to address religious, moral and social issues in his usual engaging style. This time, however, among the diverse themes he explores are funerals, white coat syndrome, UFOs, abortion, prostitution and extremism.
Taken together, the volumes in this series comprise an eccentrically eclectic, dynamic and thoroughly engaging survey of the key spiritual, social and moral mores that underpin modern western society.
Once again, prepare to be entertained, informed and challenged by a book that will often take you a long way from what used to be your comfort zone!