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I was reading some academic papers recently from Blue Labour and came across the following: 'Its opposite involves either the predetermination of what that good might consist of via some theoretical construction; the refusal of the possibility of such a shared good within the individualistic interest- based politics of liberalism and neo-liberalism; or the refusal of a common world of meaning and action in the identity process of multiculturalism'.

And: 'Society, through the development of institutions built around the preservation and nurturing of status, solidarity and subsidiarity, of reciprocity and responsibility, could mediate the logic of both state and market which was to subordinate all self-organised societal organisations to their mutual sovereignty'.

People who write such gobbledegook should be asked what they mean. I certainly don't know, but as a student I endured years of ploughing through turgid undergrowths of verbiage in search of meaning -where there wasn't any... One of the reasons I gave up teaching 'Sociology' and found an honest way to earn a crust, in a Primary school. (March 6th, 2015)