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paddy and packie

Packie Manus Byrne

At the youthful age of 96, my dear friend Packie Manus Byrne opened his own front door to me when I recently visited his neat house in Ardara.

Had the great pleasure of visiting Packie last week, Friday June 14th 2013.

I was accompanied by Martin Reed from Malvern and John Young from Bolsover. Hadn't seen Packie for a few years, though we stay in touch by phone. Delighted to find him in such good spirits. Heard about the fire but such banalities were soon swept aside as we delved into more interesting and sustaining matters.

To talk with Packie is to sip from the horn of plenty - an endless stream of distilled reflections and experiences. Pure joy.

Saol fada chugat Packie